Human Resources Management System

HRMS manages all the needs of employment system like from the starting of Job Posting to relieve a employee. By this features one can manage all the employee procurement to termination system.It is a platform that integrates, manages, and automates many of the routine HR processes in an organization. It can be perform a variety of functions including organizing and managing employee details and organizational information with Stock and Accounting of a business, making it easily accessible. It typically features an employee self-service portal and a centralized database. It also automates administrative processes, streamlines recruiting and reduces turnover.

HHRMS modules connect your employee information and records with all the systems in your ERP. Payroll, time tracking, individual department scheduling and timesheets and hiring information all live in one place and can sync directly with financial and accounting tools to give companies a cohesive understanding of how human resources directly affect the financial health of the whole company.

Job Posting

Employer Posts the vacancies at ERP system and it will be automatically posted and visible at the website Carrier Page of the Company. So company can get candidates for related vacancies.

Forms Applied & Selected Candidates

Company can view and select the applied bio data from the carrier page and scrutiny them. After verification the candidates will be selected.

Offer letter send

After selection of candidates the management will send the offer letter to accept for the concern post.

Joined Employees

After sending offer letter and acceptance by the candidates the management will joined the candidates by adding details of the candidates. After completing the process the candidates become the employee of the company.

Monthly Attendance Report, Leave Management &Payroll Processing

Experience Certificate

if required or when an employee leave the company there will be requirement of issuing the experience certificate. So the Tracolab ERP will auto generate the experience certificate. So it will be the easier for the HR head and management.

Terminating Employee & Notice Letter Issue

When management wants to terminating an employee Tracolab ERP can auto generate the terminating letter to the employee.


Price For Month: Rs250.00