Customer Relationship Management

Sales Marketing CRM modules within an ERP software streamline sales-critical information with production and product teams. This means a seamless processing of contracts from the sales team to production to shipping and returns. A CRM in an ERP houses complete customer contact information and makes account notes available to all stakeholders in the purchase and production process.

Reporting System

Reporting is a very essential requirement for any business. By this system company will collect daily and monthly information regarding progress and performance of the organisation as well as employees.Reporting tools allow you to extract and present data in charts, tables, and other visualizations so users can find useful information. Reporting is commonly an early step in data processing that achieves the goal of delivering interactive, actionable information which will helps you for achievement.

Sales Report

It is a platform that helps the sales team to reach the goals. Manager can use this platform to track data, reduce admin tasks, and assign leads. Customer information can be stored on the platform, which helps streamline sales and marketing collaboration. In this section all the orders and sales conducted and the customer list data bank generated for future requirement. Similarly order automatically fetched from sales reporting. When Marketingpersonnel’s take new orders from the customers and added them to sales order list it automatically indicates on concern allotted store.

Lead Management

This is a vital point of a company because marketing personnel always changes from one company to another. So they takessucceful customer data which has unknown to the company. So the lead management helps the employer to keep the daily customer data from the marketing personals. It helps to follow up the customer for current sales as well as for future marketing. In this system company can upload CSV data of customer to his portal. Similarly excel sheet can be downloaded for future defence. For indoor marketing it always preferable because lead management is a simple way to evaluate the customer now a days.

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