Why TracolabERP :This is software developed by our engineers to manage and adopt new features to business for monitoring and management. Now a day, time is a very important thing for a business man. As the world’s economy grows day by day, it became necessary to move place to place for physical verification and monitoring. To avoid this kind of huddles our team develop a ERP Software for smooth running of business from anywhere, any time and even if from mobile.

TRACOLAB ERP is a software which is developed for business man whose have single as well as multiple business. This ERP toolsshare a common process and data monitoring model, covering broad and deep operational processes. It also covers Accounting, HRMS, CRM, Distribution, Manufacturing, Service Sector and Stock simultaneously.

How it Works :TRACOLAB ERP makes easier to manage Organisations. It have some features which has been given below.

HRMS – It manages all the needs of employment system like from the starting of Job Posting to relieve a employee. By this features one can manage all the employee procurement to termination system.It is a platform that integrates, manages, and automates many of the routine HR processes in an organization. It can be perform a variety of functions including organizing and managing employee details and organizational information with Stock and Accounting of a business, making it easily accessible. It typically features an employee self-service portal and a centralized database. It also automates administrative processes, streamlines recruiting and reduces turnover.

HRMS modules connect your employee information and records with all the systems in your ERP. Payroll, time tracking, individual department scheduling and timesheets and hiring information all live in one place and can sync directly with financial and accounting tools to give companies a cohesive understanding of how human resources directly affect the financial health of the whole company.

What our HRMS division consists:

Job PostingEmployer Posts the vacancies at ERP system and it will be automatically posted and visible at the website Carrier Page of the Company. So company can get candidates for related vacancies.

Forms Applied& Selected Candidates: Company can view and select the applied bio data from the carrier page and scrutiny them. After verification the candidates will be selected.

Offer letter send: After selection of candidates the management will send the offer letter to accept for the concern post.

JoinedEmployees : After sending offer letter and acceptance by the candidates the management will joined the candidates by adding details of the candidates. After completing the process the candidates become the employee of the company.

Monthly Attendance Report, Leave Management &Payroll Processing:

An attendance management system is a technique for keeping track of your employees' working hours. We provide a biometric device to take attendance of employees and it also manages the payroll at the end of the month as per attendance according to the salary structure of the company.

It helps you to track, store and manage the day today operations on a real-time basis. The system supports in automating the salary process. It eliminates employee time theft and manages attendance of employees online.

Experience Certificate : if required or when an employee leave the company there will be requirement of issuing the experience certificate. So the Tracolab ERP will auto generate the experience certificate. So it will be the easier for the HR head and management.

Terminating Employee& Notice Letter Issue:When management wants to terminating an employee Tracolab ERP can auto generate the terminating letter to the employee.

Employee Monitoring

mployee monitoring allows a business to track employee activities and monitor worker engagement with workplace related tasks. A business using employee monitoring on a computer can measure productivity, track attendance, ensure security and collect proof of hours worked. To know the work hour basis the time sheet is very fruitful for HR. Authority can view the real time work of a employee desktop. What type of work conducted and what should do. This stores data and calculate the performance of a employee in the organisation.

To monitor the marketing people it is very essential to track where he is and is the employee is present in work or not.

Desktop monitoring system is a good features which helps to track the employee desktop computer. By which employee can take Screen shots of employee monitor, take activity report, idle time report, real time screen video recording, task monitoring, productivity labelling, focusing on productivity etc.


Reporting System:Reporting is a very essential requirement for any business. By this system company will collect daily and monthly information regarding progress and performance of the organisation as well as employees.Reporting tools allow you to extract and present data in charts, tables, and other visualizations so users can find useful information. Reporting is commonly an early step in data processing that achieves the goal of delivering interactive, actionable information which will helps you for achievement.

Sales:It is a platform that helps the sales team to reach the goals. Manager can use this platform to track data, reduce admin tasks, and assign leads. Customer information can be stored on the platform, which helps streamline sales and marketing collaboration. In this section all the orders and sales conducted and the customer list data bank generated for future requirement. Similarly order automatically fetched from sales reporting. When Marketingpersonnel’s take new orders from the customers and added them to sales order list it automatically indicates on concern allotted store.

Lead Management : This is a vital point of a company because marketing personnel always changes from one company to another. So they takessucceful customer data which has unknown to the company. So the lead management helps the employer to keep the daily customer data from the marketing personals. It helps to follow up the customer for current sales as well as for future marketing. In this system company can upload CSV data of customer to his portal. Similarly excel sheet can be downloaded for future defence. For indoor marketing it always preferable because lead management is a simple way to evaluate the customer now a days.

Stock and inventory This is purely for stock and product management. It automates goods procurement process, receipt of goods, stock book entry, bill passing, issue of material for departments, stock book maintenance. It generates various store reports. Those who have more than one store, they can transfer products from one store to another. All the facilities has been available for a trading or manufacturing sector.

Inventory management involves a retailer seeking to acquire and maintain a proper merchandise assortment while ordering, shipping, handling, and related costs are kept in check. It also involves systems and processes that identify inventory requirements, set targets, provide replenishment techniques, report actual and projected inventory status and Management of the inventories, with the primary objective of determining/controlling stock levels within the physical distribution system.

Tracolab Stock management system manages multiple stores within one network. The sales order processing finch the orders automatically from sales order list of CRM and intimates to the store keeper.

Similarly stock can be transfer from one store to another with courier or shipment tracking system and after transferring the other store will accept the same for adding the stock automatically.

Purchase of goods and raw materials also a vital role on stock management. Our system provides point to point purchase management to user which will automatically added to stock to sale.

Dealer and Distributer management have a very important role of a product base company. Our system manages the distributor and dealer individually relating to marketing personnel’s.

Admin can view the purchase, stock entry, transfer log, date wise product sales, store wise sales and purchase, employee wise sales, monthly sales and total sales on various department throughout the operational areas of the company.

For billing system we provide GST billing with invoicing system for sales. For order processing invoice is a mandatory field in current business. Our system provides GST billing system with auto detecting orders and product by calculating tax value. So it becomes easier to sale persons to manage the transaction.

Accounting :This is dynamic thing for a business man whose have more than one company or business. One can add multiple accounts, Multiple User with Multiple companies. If someone manages his day today income and expenditure in this system, his auditing system/process become easier at the time of year ending/closing or auditing time. To manage individual payment requirements from field work it is very needful. By this system user will request a payment and you will pay as per requirement or you can reject the payment also. The total history will be stored for future calculation.

It helps to detect the day today cash book management of a business man. By this director or employer can view the user wise, date wise, account wise, month wise, yearly and company wise account statement, profit and loss account, transaction statement, account operational data etc. by using this system a business man can save more and more time to manage his business with a accurate and comfortable way with a minimum expenditure. Man power cost will be save to manage the business. The records also save for future reference.