This is dynamic thing for a business man whose have more than one company or business. One can add multiple accounts, Multiple User with Multiple companies. If someone manages his day today income and expenditure in this system, his auditing system/process become easier at the time of year ending/closing or auditing time. To manage individual payment requirements from field work it is very needful. By this system user will request a payment and you will pay as per requirement or you can reject the payment also. The total history will be stored for future calculation.

It helps to detect the day today cash book management of a business man. By this director or employer can view the user wise, date wise, account wise, month wise, yearly and company wise account statement, profit and loss account, transaction statement, account operational data etc. by using this system a business man can save more and more time to manage his business with a accurate and comfortable way with a minimum expenditure. Man power cost will be save to manage the business. The records also save for future reference.

  • Putting up a system that will help in maintaining the records.
  • Tracking financial transactions.
  • Aggregating the reports to present a final set of financial reports.
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    Price For Month: Rs250.00